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Available Lab Positions

Get Involved in Scientific Research!

The Kaspar Lab @ Ohio State College of Dentistry is a great way to get started in pursuing your scientific interests. We work with microbes from the human oral cavity that require only a low biosafety level, and usually grow fast, meaning you can do experiments in a single day! Learning basic microbiology techniques will be of use no matter where your next journey will take you. 

In the Kaspar Lab, we focus on understanding principles and technique rather than a drive to generate data. We want you to understand WHAT you are doing, WHY you are doing it and HOW it helps answer a research question. When you are interested in the science and have a drive for what you are doing, the data will come! 

 Undergraduate Volunteers 

We are looking for undergraduate volunteers to get started in scientific research. Ideal candidates are freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who can commit to 8-10 hours of volunteering a week. We always welcome individuals who have their goals set on professional school after graduation (medical, dental, vet med, other)!

NOTE: Position availability is dependent on the number of other current volunteers. We currently do not have any open availability for this position. 

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